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Welcome to! We have been making fortune cookies since 2003. Our patented recipie has been tried and tested for over 50 years and is still a favorite among many "foodies" and fortune cookie lovers. Our fortune cookies are made with 90% local ingredients from Salt Lake City, Utah. Our flour is milled just 45 minutes away and our sugar is manufatured closeby. We have our flour trucked to us weekly directly from the manufacturer. We have tried numerous other flour brands but have found the same company we have worked with from the start to offer the best quality and consistency. Something you will taste in our product.

We strive to keep our ingredients all natural. Our fortune cookies do not contain any preservatives and are nut, dairy free and for the most part allergy free. Our ingredients are simple: water, flour, sugar, margerine, pure vanilla and orange emulsion.
We don't use any eggs or animal products in our fortune cookies.

From the time your order is placed everything is done in our faciltiy. Doing this allows us to keep a close eye on the quality. The fortune cookie messages are printed and cut in house, your fortune cookies are made in house, we wrap the fortune cookies in house and they are picked up directly from our facility. All the employees wear many hats and know the production process like the back of their hand. We take pride in our products.

Feel free to browse about our website and check out our custom fortune cookie packages don't hesitate to let us know of any questions. On the site you will find lot's of ideas and suggestions to make your event a success. Should you need to contact us we can be reached at 801.485.0951 or via email.