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How many messages come with my package?
Most packages come with at least 4 messages. You can add additional messages for $2 each on the order form.

How many words am I allowed per message?

20 words per message.

How long does it take to get the cookies?
Most orders are ready to ship within 2 business days. Alot of your smaller orders, 12 to 500 cookies, are ready to ship in one business day.

What if I need my cookies tomorrow?
No problem, we will do our best! Call us or email us now! 801.485.0951

How long does shipping take?
Ground shipping takes up to 5 business days, express shipping takes up to 3 business days, and priority express takes 1-2 business days.

What carrier will deliver my cookies?
We use both USPS and FEDEX. Alot of the smaller orders of 12-200 cookies will arrive via USPS and the larger order will arrive via FEDEX.

Do I need to be home when the cookies arrive?
We don't require a signature for delivery. However; this doesn't mean your package will be delivered without a signature. Alot depends on if the driver feels it is safe to leave.

Will I receive a tracking number when my cookies ship?
Yes! Once the cookies have shipped you will receive a tracking number via email.

Where are my cookies shipping from?
Salt Lake City, Utah.

Are the fortune cookies individually wrapped?
Yes! All fortune cookies will arrive individually wrapped in clear cellophane.

Is there breakage during the shipping process?
Yes, there will be some breakage, but rest easy, we package extra cookies to compensate.

How long do the fortune cookies stay fresh?
As long as the cookies are kept in a cool place they should last a month or longer.

Can I order my cookies now and have them delivered later?
Yes! On the order form you can indicate when you would like your cookies to arrive. We suggest having your cookies arrive 1-2 weeks before you use them.

Will the dipped cookies melt during shipping?
During the summer months (april-september) we strongly suggest having your cookies shipped express. We pack them with ice.

How many characters am I allowed per message?
You have 20 words to work with per message.

How many messages come with the packages?
Most packages come with at least four messages, the dozen package comes with 1.

Can I add more messages?
Yes! On the order form you can add additional messages, they are $2.00 each.

What if i need to know which messages are in which cookies?
No problem! You will have this option on the order form.

Can I add a logo to a message?
Yes! On the order form it will give you this option. You can add text or a logo. Cost range from $10 to $50 depending on the qty.

Can I add a logo to the takeout boxes?
Yes! You can order the boxes and then email us the logo you would like added.

What format do you need the logo in?
A jpg file will work just fine.

Can we answer a question for you? email us or call us anytime at 801.485.0951