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Custom fortune cookies questions


How long till I get my cookies?

We do everything in house and make your cookies fresh to order. Production usually take 1-2 biz days, shipping takes anywhere from 2 to 7 biz days.

How many messages can I have?

Custom fortune cookies messages are included with each package. The more cookies you order the more messages you are allowed. Package of 10 includes 1  custom fortune cookie message, our 500 package comes with 6. All personalized fortune cookies are vegan.

How long can my messages be?

20 words per message or around 180 characters.

How are the cookies shipped?

All cookies are individually wrapped in clear cellophane. Are then placed loose into a corrugated box, packaged with care and shipped.

How do I order?

Browse our packages, click on the package that meets your needs, fill out the order form, choose your shipping method and cookies are most times on your doorstep within a week.

Are the cookies individually wrapped?

Yes. All cookies are individually wrapped in a good, high quality clear cellophane. There is no printing on the wrapper.


Can you send me an ingredients list?


Are your cookies gluten free?

No, our fortune cookies are NOT gluten free.

Are your cookies manufactured in a peanut free facility?

Yes! We are one of the few factories that are peanut and tree nut free! We do alot of business with schools who have strict nutrition and allergy guidelines.

Are your cookies vegan?

Yes! We are proud to say our cookies are Vegan. We don't use eggs or dairy as well!

How do you ship?

Our smaller packages >500 cookies are shipped via the USPS and the larger packages are shipped via FedEx.

Will I get a tracking number?

Yes. When your order ships you can expect a confirmation email and a tracking number will shortly follow.

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